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Millikin's Relationship with the Decatur Community

Since the University's founding in 1901, Millikin has enjoyed an excellent relationship with the Decatur community and surrounding area.  Among the benefits that we bring to each other:

·    Faculty, administration, and staff serve on numerous non-profit boards throughout the area, offering countless hours of volunteer service and expertise to our friends and neighbors.

·    The Tabor School of Business and its Entrepreneurship Center serve approximately 1600 entities annually, with community and business partnerships, consulting, workshops, training programs and service. 

·    Millikin students provide over 100,000 hours of community service to the surrounding area each year.

·    The top three employers of Millikin graduates in the last few years have been in Decatur.

·    Over 5,000 alumni live within 30 miles of the city.

·    Local media, businesses and other organizations look to Millikin for expert opinions and advice on everything from the impact of elections to small business plans.

·    The Prepatory Department in the School of Music brings approximately 400 Decatur-area children to the campus for music lessons.

·    Kirkland Fine Arts Center and the School of Music make Millikin the cultural center of the area.

·    Division III athletics in 19 sports are a draw for the community.

·    During good weather, the astronomy observatory is open to the community on selected evenings for star-gazing.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL