Program Information

Fall Program Requirements

Unlike many honors programs, Millikin University doesn't reward hard-work and academic success simply with more work. Instead Millikin Honors Students are afforded freedom and flexibility as they complete their University Studies requirements. Millikin Honors courses are engaging and enriched, student-driven courses made possible by the passion and intellectual curiosity of both the honors faculty and students. Honors students also engage significantly with both the honors community and the campus and larger community through service and outreach activities. Below are Honors pathways for both incoming first-year and transfer students. For questions, contact the Honors Director, Dr. Michael Hartsock.



    Honors Students follow the Honors curriculum presented here rather than the University Studies Program Requirements presented elsewhere in the bulletin. Honors Students are still responsible for all other applicable requirements as defined by their academic programs of study (e.g., college and major specific requirements). Non-honors students must complete 37 -- 41 credit hours for University Studies, and the 29 credit hours described below replace those 37 -- 41 hours. The Millikin Honors Program is "instead of" not in addition to." Honors students take ownership of their general education experience and select from a variety of topic-oriented courses.

    Honors Students must complete the following courses (29 credits)

    • HN183. Honors University Seminar (3 credits)
    • ​HN150. Honors Writing Studio I (3 credits)
    • ​HN151. Honors Writing Studio II (3 credits)
    • Three of the following (9 credits total):
      • HN202. Creative Arts Honors Seminar (3 credits)
      • HN203. Humanities Honors Seminar (3 credits)
      • HN204. Natural Science Honors Seminar (3 credits)
      • HN206. Social Science Honors Seminar (3 credits)
      • HN207. Mathematics Honors Seminar (3 credits)
    • HN300. Honors Interdisciplinary Colloquium (3 credits)
      Students may meet this requirement by taking an additional HN350 course.
    • HN350. Honors Global Interdisciplinary Colloquium (3 credits)
      Students studying abroad for Millikin credit may articulate an IN350 eligible course with either HN300 or HN350 (but not both) to fulfill this requirement.
    • IN490. Honors Independent Study (4 credits) May be articulated with a course or set of courses in another academic department (e.g., research hours in the natural sciences or an internship) via an Honors Program Capstone Contract.
    • HN400. Honors Symposium (1 credit)
    • HN300. Honors Interdisciplinary Colloquium (3 credits)

    Honors Capstone Project

    The Honors Capstone Project provides Honors Students with an opportunity to pursue artistic achievement, traditional or interdisciplinary research, or service-learning and community-based projects. The Honors Capstone could be an enrichment or extension of an academic project, creative activity, or practical experience in which the student is already engaged through her major area of study. It could also be a fully distinct project of the student’s choosing. To qualify as an Honors Capstone Project, a project must be judged to be of Honors-level work by the Honors Director and the Student’s Honors Project Advisor.