Mail Center & Print Shop

Gorin hall

Mail Services

Millikin offers mail services to our students living on campus. Students can send and receive mail and packages using their campus address. When a student has a package in the mail room they are automatically notified through email. All letters will be placed in their mailbox located outside of the mail room. When picking up packages students must have their Millikin ID with them for package checkout. A student campus address can be obtained through MU Online or by contacting the Office of Residence Life.

Mailbox Accessibility

  • Open seven days per week from 8 AM to 9 PM, when classes are in session
  • Location: Shilling Hall room 104A
  • Contact: 217.424.6320
  • Staff availability: 10 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday

Incoming mail

  • Mail is sorted and available by 10:00 AM Monday through Friday.
  • Mail and packages should be picked up daily.
  • Please bring your ID cards - Numbers will not be accepted.

Outgoing mail

  • Mail must be received in the mail room by 2:45 PM to be processed the same day - Monday thru Friday.
  • US and Foreign mail must be sorted and bundled separately, bearing the labels showing the department to be charged.
  • Any packages going through the Mail Center must be mail-ready. We do not provide packaging materials or boxes.
  • You may ship packages (Millikin Business Only) via United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express. Certified/Return Receipt, Express and Foreign packages can also be sent through the mail center. Deadline for Federal Express is 2 PM, and 2:45 PM for all others, Monday through Friday.

Staff use of campus mail services

The campus mail center processes mail for students and business mail for Millikin departments. Employee’s personal packages should not be shipped to the university mail center for delivery and the mail center staff will not process outgoing personal packages for employees. The mail center does not sell postage. If you are an employee, you may send your personal mail through the campus mail center but it must be pre-posted dropped off in the mail room, or it can be charged to the employees account.

Other mail resources


Print Shop Services

Millikin’s Print Shop is located in Shilling room 106. The Print Shop offers a variety of print services for students, faculty and staff. Services available include full color and black and white printing (multiple sizes and paper colors available), binding for projects or books, laminating, and cutting and folding. Documents must be delivered to the center ready to copy or print. 

Poster Printing

Millikin works with Decatur Blue Print to print posters for student projects, presentations and events.  Decatur Blue Print will print and deliver student posters to campus for pick up in Millikin’s mail room.  Jobs submitted by 12:00 am Monday through Friday will be delivered to campus by 10:00 am the next business day. Fees for poster printing will be charged to the student account.

Student/Employee IDs

All incoming Millikin students must have a Millikin ID.  The IT help desk in Shilling 106 is responsible for printing student ID’s.  If a Millikin Student needs a replacement ID (due to a lost or stolen card), there is a $12 charge for replacement. The ID replacement fee will be charged to the student account.  Lost or stolen ID’s should be reported to Public Safety 464-8888 immediately so the card can be deactivated.  Cards needing to be replaced due to regular use will be replaced at no charge.