Millikin Tuition Promise + Big Blue Pledge: Illinois Free Tuition Program Announced

Millikin’s tuition rate will be reduced to $26,000 for all full-time traditional undergraduate students beginning Fall 2024, a 36% reduction.

Millikin tuition Promise

DECATUR, Ill. – As college-bound students and families investigate their higher-learning options, published tuition rates are a critical factor in deciding where to apply, but without a complete financial aid picture, the total cost of attending can be unclear.  

To address that confusion, Millikin University, as a leader in affordability and transparency, is proud to announce the Millikin Tuition Promise and Big Blue Pledge: Illinois Free Tuition Program, beginning in Fall 2024.  

The Millikin Tuition Promise provides a reduced tuition rate of $26,000 for all full-time traditional undergraduate students. This represents a 36% reduction from the current tuition rate.  

Millikin Tuition Promise

“As part of our Strategic Plan’s commitment to ‘The Millikin Difference,’ we have pledged to expand access to Millikin’s distinct brand of education, Performance Learning, through new affordability initiatives,” Millikin President Jim Reynolds said.  “Research shows that an institution’s published tuition rate, which is typically significantly higher than what students actually pay, often results in students and families ruling out institutions before they fully understand their out-of-pocket costs. Once students apply to Millikin, they discover that our competitive, personalized financial aid packages significantly reduce their actual cost — but students who choose not to apply based on published tuition price never find this out.”  

This initiative is an expansion of Millikin’s highly successful Macon Promise program, which was announced in October 2020 and provided a reduced tuition rate of $26,000 for those students who live or attend school in Macon County. 


“The upfront tuition reduction with the Macon Promise helped us communicate a more accurate picture of the actual cost of a Millikin education. As the program progressed, the data showed not only the success of Macon Promise but suggested possibilities for its expansion,” Reynolds said.  

Millikin will continue to offer competitive scholarship opportunities with awards up to full tuition that recognize academic success, talents in the arts, commitment to diversity, scientific excellence and more. In addition, they will continue to work one-on-one with students, providing competitive aid packages tailored to fit their needs. 

Millikin Tuition Promise

Millikin is also providing price transparency for all four years of study, giving students simple, straightforward information about what to expect. Under the Millikin Tuition Promise, students can anticipate an annual inflationary tuition rate increase of less than 4% (at $1,000) each year in the future.  

In conjunction with this tuition reduction, Millikin is launching the Big Blue Pledge: Illinois Free Tuition Program for new students. This pledge represents an investment in Illinois students who may lack the financial options necessary to pursue a private college education and will cover 100% of their undergraduate tuition with Millikin grants and scholarships filling the gap after available state and federal grants. To qualify for the Big Blue Pledge, students must be newly enrolling for the 2024-25 academic year, and:  

  • - submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by May 1; 
  • - be an Illinois resident (as determined by the FAFSA); 
  • - be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant; and  
  • - be enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) as a traditional undergraduate student at Millikin. 

The Big Blue Pledge can be renewed for up to four consecutive years for students who continue to meet the eligibility criteria and make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.  

Millikin Tuition Promise  
“At their core, these programs make Millikin’s distinctive Performance Learning education accessible to more students by removing barriers, both actual and perceived, as they pursue their education,” Reynolds said. “Both programs also strategically support our mission of preparing students for professional success, democratic citizenship in a global environment, and a personal life of meaning and value.” 

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