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Welcome to the Millikin University English Department! Millikin offers three English majors—writing, literature, and English Education—each emphasizing an innovative contemporary approach of learning by reflective action. We celebrate student performance as writers, readers, and teachers of English—offering an educational journey through great works of the past, exploring intriguing writings of the present, and preparing students to write, edit, publish or teach in the future. See our Majors page for details.

Latest News

Warren G. Hardy Distinguished Professor of English

Congratulations to Dr. Tony Magagna, who was selected as the next Warren G. Hardy Distinguished Professor of English. Dr. Magagna will be working on an exciting project. In his words

the project will focus on exploring what I call the "collapsing boundaries" ofcontemporary literature. In particular, it will investigate the ways in whichnew media and technology influence literature across the board, in how wecreate, read, teach, and even define it in the 21st century. New technologiesand digital interconnections have undeniably reshaped our lives, and we cannotignore that these, therefore, have and will reshape the modes of narrative thatwe have long used to capture and comment upon our experiences of the world. Myfocus will be threefold: on literature that takes on our digital age as asubject matter; on new forms of narrative that utilize new media and technologyto tell or retell stories in new ways (video games, fanfiction, interactiveapp-based books, "twitterature," etc.); and on the ways we can teach/study boththis new literature, as well as traditional literature using these new tools.The ultimate outcome of the project will be both new research on these subjects,but also at least one new course here at Millikin, tentatively entitled "HybridLiteratures."

Fall Semester 2014

Fall semester 2014 has begun and the English faculty are excited to meet and come to know all their new students. They have been busily preparing their courses over the summer and are ready to bring theory and practice together to allow for true performance learning in the classroom. 

English students have also returned, or arrived for the first time, and seem ready to move forward in doing what it takes to achieve their educational and professional goals.

Newest Sigma Tau Delta/English Club Officers

President: Brittany Mytnik
Vice-President: Kara Anderson
Publicity Chair: Ruby Porter
Secretary/Treasurer: Erynn Williams
Historian: Alice Dembinski (not pictured)

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL