Made it Millikin: Jarius Ingram, Class of 2023

Student makes the most of his time at Millikin

Jarius Ingram


    Since making Millikin University his school of choice, Jarius Ingram, Class of 2023 has made the most of his time in the classroom, the research lab, on the basketball court and beyond. Jarius, a biology major on the pre-physician assistant track, has also given his time and efforts at Millikin a purpose close to his heart. A great deal of Jarius’s time and studies are dedicated toward researching rhabdomyosarcoma, a disease which affected his brother Jalen, who passed away in 2008. 

    According to Jarius, the loss of his brother served as a focal point for his life, helping direct the things he hoped to experience and achieve. “Jalen set my trajectory for a lot of things I do,” he  explained while discussing the foundation of his biology research. “When I got to Millikin and found I could do research, I immediately went to my professor Dr. Schroeder, and said I was intrigued by rhabdomyosarcoma.” In his research endeavor, Jarius said he has received support from not only his advisor, Dr. Jennifer Schroeder,  and his professors, but also from the many programs and organizations that he is involved with at Millikin. 

    Jarius actively participates in an impressive scope of activities at Millikin. Academically, Jarius is a James Millikin Honors Scholar, a Long-Vanderburg Scholar and a Leighty-Science Scholar, as well as a member of several national honor society chapters on campus. Outside of the classroom and the research lab, Jarius is a point guard on the Big Blue men’s basketball team, the president of Millikin’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a Resident Assistant and a Big Blue Ambassador. 

  •     Jarius credits his extensive involvement to the memory of brother, explaining that since he was in elementary school, he has tried to be involved in as many activities as possible to have the experiences Jalen never could. “I’ve always put in twice the effort in everything I do.” Further demonstrating his dedication to honoring his brother, Jarius wears a gold #2 around his neck. “It shows that I’m representing more than just myself, but my brother as well.”

        In the three years he’s been at Millikin, the broad spectrum of research opportunities and the unique perspectives offered through the various honors programs have greatly impacted Jarius’s worldview and how he interacts with others. From addressing social justice issues and diversity as a Long-Vanderburg Scholar to performing graduate-level biology research as a Leighty-Science Scholar, Jarius remarked Millikin’s professors and academic programs truly deliver on the University’s mission to prepare students for democratic citizenship in a global environment.

    • The scholar programs here have really formed me into a more passionate individual. If I didn’t come to Millikin, I wouldn’t have been exposed to all of these different ways of life
    — Jarius Ingram,
  • While Jarius’s research into rhabdomyosarcoma is rooted in a deeply personal cause, he is also using the rich collection of academic resources, relationships with his professors and advanced laboratory technology distinctly offered at Millikin to lay the foundation for his future.

  •     Preparing for his senior year at Millikin, Jarius is planning to build upon his research in the Biology Department with his capstone project for the Honors Program, which he believes is critical to furthering his findings into cardiac glycosides and rhabdomyosarcoma. “I’ll be continuing this project until the end of my time here at Millikin. It has an incredible amount of personal significance to me.”