Millikin to host four Navigating Financial Aid Online Information Sessions

The sessions will provide financial aid information for first-year and transfer students and parents.

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DECATUR, Ill. – Millikin University will be holding four Navigating Financial Aid Online Information Sessions on the financial aid process for 2024-25 for first-year and transfer students. 

The sessions are online sessions and students can learn about filing the FAFSA, as well as the different types of financial aid available to students as they go through their college search. First-year and transfer students and parents are welcome. 

The sessions will be held: 

To register for the sessions, click on the link to the session you would like to attend or go to and then click “New & Events”  in the upper right and then “Calendar.” Then, select the event you would like to attend to register. 

Millikin Financial Aid

“Some of the key goals for training are to note some of the significant features of the new FAFSA and how it affects students and families, give an overview of how the financial aid process works,” Millikin Director of Student Financial Services Chilwana Thompson said. “We also want to share the feedback we are hearing from the Department of Education regarding issues they are encountering and to provide a means of support as we all navigate this brave new FAFSA world.”

After a long delay, the 2024–25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) became available on December 31, 2023. The application has been simplified and redesigned for this year. Completing the form is essential for students attending college in 2024-25 as it unlocks federal, state and school-based financial aid, including student loans, need-based grants, work-study and some scholarships. 

“Unfortunately, people are having some trouble during what they are calling this ‘soft launch’ period. I would say patience is key at this point,” Thompson said. “FAFSA just launched a few weeks ago, so give it a bit of time to work out the kinks. Don’t feel rushed! We anticipate that most schools won’t start completing financial aid packages until February or March due to the delays with the FAFSA."

Millikin recently announced the Millikin Tuition Promise and Big Blue Pledge: Illinois Free Tuition Program, which are both beginning in the Fall 2024.  

In the programs, Millikin’s tuition rate will be reduced to $26,000 for all full-time traditional undergraduate students beginning Fall 2024, a 36% tuition reduction. 

This initiative is an expansion of Millikin’s highly successful Macon Promise program, which provided a reduced tuition rate of $26,000 for those students who live or attend school in Macon County.

Under the Millikin Tuition Promise, students can anticipate an annual inflationary tuition rate increase of less than 4% (at $1,000) each year in the future.  

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“We carefully considered how our published rate impacts the decision families make before learning what scholarships and grants we offer,” Thompson said. “We decided to show the upfront tuition reduction to provide a more accurate picture of what families would expect to pay at Millikin. Along with the reduction, we will still offer scholarships and grants to students.”

The Big Blue Pledge: Illinois Free Tuition Program is for new students. This pledge represents an investment in Illinois students who may lack the financial options necessary to pursue a private college education and will cover 100% of their undergraduate tuition with Millikin grants and scholarships, filling the gap after available state and federal grants. 

Millikin Big Blue Pledge

To qualify for the Big Blue Pledge, students must be newly enrolling for the 2024-25 academic year and:  

  • -submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by May 1; 
  • -be an Illinois resident (as determined by the FAFSA); 
  • -be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant; and  
  • -be enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours) per semester) as a traditional undergraduate student at Millikin.

The Big Blue Pledge can be renewed for up to four consecutive years for students who continue to meet the eligibility criteria and make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.  For more information, visit