Elementary Education

Teacher reading to students



The elementary education program at Millikin University prepares students interested in teaching Grades 1-6. Our program builds a high degree of confidence within our students, which converts into a high placement rate for our program and great opportunities for our graduates at the principal and superintendent levels.

Program Highlights

The elementary education program will prepare you to become a teacher through a combination of classes connected to early and frequent field experiences. In addition to developing theoretical and practical knowledge, you will develop your sensitivity to diverse cultures, take responsibility for establishing a positive climate, respect students as individuals, treat students fairly, show concern for students’ well-being, and demonstrate appropriate professional practice.

Our Strengths

Our students secure a wide variety of placements in urban and rural school districts throughout the Midwest. Our small class sizes, combined with personalized academic advising and mentoring led by experienced faculty, create an environment that is both accessible and supportive. Our faculty and staff stimulate your imagination, challenge your views, and care about your success. If you want to learn about the latest research and how it is being translated into innovative teaching practice, our learning environment is outstanding. As a Millikin student, you will be involved in campus organizations and community projects that reflect responsibilities you can expect when leading your own classroom. You will have the opportunity to observe and learn through a multitude of experiences while teaching in Decatur Public Schools. Opportunities are provided to study a variety of learning paradigms at area schools.

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