Sport & Recreation Management Minor

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Sport & Recreation Management Minor

The minor in Sport & Recreation Management is designed to provide an opportunity for students to examine and explore aspects of the sport and recreation industry.  Students who complete this minor will augment their major degrees with exposure to coursework in the field of sport, recreation, and leisure management.

Learning Outcomes for the Sport & Recreation Management Minor

Students with a minor in Sport and Recreation Management will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of foundational principles of sport and recreation management
  2. Analyze and apply, human resource management, facility management, communications and sales, marketing, and ethical and legal concepts to the sport and recreation industries
  3. Explore various segments and career paths in the sport and recreation industries to identify where their strengths and interests lie.
  4. Utilize and demonstrate skills such as critical thinking, oral presentation, written communication, project management, and teamwork to sport and recreation organization business challenges.

Required courses for Sport & Recreation Management Minor

The student must complete 15 credit hours in the following required courses.

  • ES 210 – Foundations of Sport and Recreation Management (3)
  • ES 281 – Intercollegiate Athletic Administration (3)
  • ES 339 – Risk Management in Sport & Recreation (3)
  • ES 344 – Sport & Recreation Event Planning & Marketing (3)
  • ES 348 - Principles of Recreation and Leisure Behavior (3)

Students must complete an additional 6 credits from the following courses.

  • ES 244 – Sport and Recreation Facility Management (2)
  • ES 345 – Practicum in Sport and Recreation Management (2)
  • ES 444 – Ethical and Legal Issues (3)
  • ES 445 – Sport and Social Change (3)