Global Partnership Program

International students

Millikin University is in partnership with The WorldGrad to welcome international students seeking to complete their degree in the United States. Through convenient, comprehensive courses offered by The WorldGrad partner institutions, students spend their first year of study earning degree-seeking U.S. university credits fully online. Students can then transfer to Millikin University to begin their second year of study in-person at our campus in Decatur, Illinois. 

Delivering the program’s first year through The WorldGrad’s online All American UG Program helps international students build English skills, collaborate with fellow students and become acclimated to American higher education before they travel to the U.S. This program reduces the total cost of, making a high-quality Millikin education affordable and accessible to more students. 

International students in this program can pursue degrees in:

  • Accounting (B.S.)
  • Cybersecurity (B.S.)
  • Digital Marketing (B.S.)
  • Finance (B.S.)
  • Management (B.S.)
  • Management Information Systems (B.S.)
  • Computer Science (B.S.)

Millikin University Admission Requirements 

International students must meet the following criteria for entry to Millikin University’s Global Partnership Program through The WorldGrad: 

  • Completion of at least 24 degree-seeking U.S. university credits within The WorldGrad’s All American UG Program. A grade of C or better is required for each course.
  • Submission of Millikin University’s International Application, including the following information:
    • Official academic transcripts
    • Copy of your passport
    • TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo Scores
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Personal statement
    • Certification of Finances
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0 for courses taken at all currently or previously attended colleges.  

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For a complete list of academic and admission criteria, visit "How to Apply as an International Student."


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The WorldGrad is a leading online education platform and serves as Millikin University’s exclusive program partner. The company’s track record of success includes delivering online education to more than 10,000 international students and recognition through the LearnX 2021 Platinum Award. The WorldGrad currently enrolls students predominantly from India and plans to expand into other parts of Asia and Africa in the near future.

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