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This major will provide you with an understanding of the scientific discipline of psychology through exposure to the breadth of our discipline from its most basic level (neuroanatomy) to its most interactional level (sociocultural). Your studies will develop your knowledge and skill in using the scientific method to both conduct research to understand mind and behavior, as well as deliver clinical or consulting services from this empirical base.

A major in psychology leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree and is designed for the student seeking a liberal arts degree or graduate study leading to a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in experimental (e.g., cognitive, learning, physiological, quantitative, industrial/organizational, memory), or social (e.g., attitudes, person perception, judgment and decision-making, stereotyping and prejudice, relationships), or clinical (e.g., psychotherapy, psychological assessment,  child and adolescent counseling) areas of psychology. This degree is the preferred path to a career as a practitioner, researcher, or psychology professor. Emphasis is in the scientific skills and basic research areas of psychology. A total of 33 hours is required; 21 of which have to be at the 300 level or above.

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