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Program Highlights

The drive to communicate forms the basis of human social behavior and is a critical element of any organization or field of employment, regardless of technological advancement or change. The study of communication provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing society. Classes in communication blend theory, methodology, and practice and are central to the investigation and understanding of communicative processes.

Communication majors take 21 credit hours of core (required) Communication classes and then choose (with the help of their advisor) six Communication elective courses. As a result, the major is flexible, customized, and diverse. 

All majors complete an internship before they graduate. 

Performance Learning

  • WJMU Radio Station: Students work in various roles of the radio station. They create, develop and execute original radio programming. They also serve in executive roles of station operation.
  • Various classes incorporate performance in learning:
    • Manage a website: Students are in charge of a website while enrolled in one specific class, Social Media Writing.
    • Serve as organizational consultants for local organizations, gathering data and making recommendations.
    • Produce gender training/information seminars to specific groups, such as residence hall floors and residence hall advisors.

As a Communication major, you are given flexibility and customization with the major: core classes and track requirements, but room/space to take courses outside the department to cater and adapt to specific areas of interest. You are given practicality: practical experience gained through internship requirements and class projects. Students are also open to diversity: diverse discipline approaches within the major and different concentrations within the major.

The major consists of 39 credits. These credits can include up to five credits of Communication Laboratory and up to six hours of internship. A student can earn either a B.A. or B.S. degree in the Communication major.

Advising Checklist