Tabor School of Business

Areas of Study

International Business
  • Our Mission

    The Tabor School of Business creates opportunities for students to perform and compete, early and often, to build the confidence to succeed. We expect commitment, hard work, accountability, and honesty.

    Tabor Focus

    Students learn and develop successful business practices. Students will be better prepared for their career path when they perform what they have learned. Performance Learning projects include student-run ventures, small business consulting teams, client projects, internships, auditing projects, business plans, student-managed investment fund, and numerous other opportunities to demonstrate their learning. Tabor students develop skills and attitudes needed to compete and succeed in the workplace by:

    • Doing in-field work early and often.
    • Customizing their experience by learning marketable skills through certificates.
    • Take an optional fifth year and complete a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA).

    The four-year experience

    Tabor students have an integrated experience with companion learning labs that tie key components together. The four-year experience involves:

    • Year 1: Early Business Engagement
    • Year 2: Sharpened Thinking and Enhanced Communication
    • Year 3: Expertise Building, Management, and Leadership
    • Year 4: Demonstrating Mastery

    Key outcomes

    Students who major in Tabor:

    • Develop a personal brand and vision.
    • Create business plans and assess risk.
    • Use spreadsheets, word processing, database, and project management software to get work done.
    • Prepare financial statements and communicate financial information.
    • Use financial and statistical information to make decisions.
    • Create and deliver formal written reports and oral business presentations, lead meetings, and engage in professional conversations.
    • Work with third parties in the community early and often.
    • Develop strategic plans.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Accounting-students-working-with-a-professor


    Learn accounting theory and practice fundamental skills necessary for long-term success.
  • students on laptops


    The Agribusiness major includes courses in agriculture, agribusiness, economics and business.
  • Student giving presentation

    Business Communication

    Students will have the communication skills and business acumen to identify organizational objectives, understand stakeholders and convey meaningful insight and information.
  • Female student presenting


    Master the essential skills of general communication to become an asset in versatile career fields, or specialize in business, health, PR, media and organizational communication.
  • person looking at computer screen


    Build technical skills related to IT infrastructure, networking, and information security, for a strong foundation necessary to protect systems from cyber threats.
  • Finance Majors


    Learn to evaluate and quantify risk, compute measures of profitability, and estimate the value of corporate investment projects and securities.
  • International Business

    International Business

    Students learn to conduct business in a global environment. They graduate culturally aware, business savvy and willing to adapt to cross-cultural environments.
  • Management


    The Management major prepares students to manage challenges and leverage opportunities in a contemporary, changing, and global business environment.
  • Management Information System

    Management Information Systems

    Students learn the ability to collect, organize, store, analyze, and transform data into and understandable information to impact an organization’s performance.
  • student editing an image on computer

    Marketing, Digital

    Use digital technologies, social media and mobile devices to develop and implement innovative marketing programs.
  • female student sitting in chair

    Organizational Leadership (Online)

    This online program integrates theory and practice to foster understanding between the interrelationship of leadership with power and influence, while emphasizing socially responsible leadership and ethical decision-making.

Graduate Programs

  • MBA

    MBA - Daytime

    Our Daytime MBA program provides a unique experience tailored to the diverse needs of today's ambitious business professionals. The 12-month Daytime MBA program offers accelerated day classes for recent college graduates and young professionals.
  • female MBA student

    MBA - Evening

    Designed for the working adult, our Evening MBA Program provides an innovative, collaborative workspace driven by Performance Learning and diverse student cohorts.


  • Student smiling

    Business Administration Minor

    The business administration (BA) minor is designed to provide an opportunity for non-business students to examine and evaluate the complex components of today's competitive business environment.
  • Student with microphone

    Communication Minor

    A minor in communication is designed to accommodate many different student goals. This minor is a nice pairing with many different programs of study on campus and is valued by prospective employers.
  • RJ Podeschi working at a computer

    Cybersecurity Minor

    Students with a minor in Cybersecurity will build a strong foundation in the technical, ethical, and legal elements necessary to recognize security breaches, analyze and investigate cybercrimes, and defend against cyber threats.
  • Entrepreneurship Minor

    Entrepreneurship Minor

    A minor in entrepreneurship is offered to those who are non-business students who want to learn the fundamental principles to launch and own their own business.
  • Finance Minor

    Finance Minor

    Students will be able to analyze financial statements, calculate the value of stocks, bonds, options and futures, apply various capital budgeting investment methods, quantify interest rate risk of bond portfolios and evaluate factors affecting interest rates.
  • Industrial Engineering

    Industrial Engineering Minor

    The minor in industrial engineering will provide you with fundamental skills and knowledge that will complement your chosen major.
  • International Business

    International Business Minor

    Students who complete a minor in International Business will be culturally and politically aware of how world events impact business. Students will understand how globalization affects business at all levels - locally, regionally, and internationally. Students will be adaptive to cross-cultural environments.
  • student editing an image on computer

    Marketing (Digital) Minor

    This minor is for students who believe the strategic aspect of digital media marketing would supplement the creative passion they're mastering in their majors
  • Organizational Leadership

    Organizational Leadership Minor

    Students who complete a minor in Organizational Leadership (OL) will become more effective organizational members, whether their chosen career is in business, non-profits, arts, agriculture, service, sales or government.


  • MIS Application Development

    MIS Application Development

    Students who complete this certificate will focus on developing applications with an emphasis on programming using various development methodologies.
  • MIS Data Management

    MIS Data Management

    Students who complete this certificate will focus on the collection, organization, storage, analysis, and transformation of vast amounts of data.
  • MIS Security

    MIS Security & Compliance

    Students who complete this certificate will focus on protecting the digital assets of an organization. The certificate examines security through two lenses: auditing compliance and managing risk.
  • Organizational Leadership

    Organizational Leadership Certificate

    Students who complete a certificate in Organizational Leadership (OL) will become more effective organizational members, whether their chosen career is in business, non-profits, arts, agriculture, service, sales or government.
  • Process Improvement

    Process Improvement

    Students who complete this certificate will develop an understanding of the tools and methodologies necessary to recognize areas of change and how to communicate the change within an organization.
  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Students who complete this certificate will be prepared to lead a project and will meet the requirements to take the CAPM exam.
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    Tabor Graduate Certificates

    Millikin is aware of the need for professionals to develop special skills that will give them the edge in their careers.  Meant for any industry, our Graduate Certificates focus on specific business knowledge which allow students to invest fewer resources than obtaining a master's degree.